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"During their tenure to date, this four-piece has unleashed a relentless album in the form of A Day Like This, a nine-track set that is brash, audacious, direct, and totally irresistible. It is an exceptional opening statement that finds its unique place within the
contemporary arena’s alternative music spectrum."
“Echo Pilot are one of those bands who just love rock n roll and it shows in their music. From the big drums, to the loud guitars, the intense vocals and sometimes even screams, and songs that get stuck in your head for days, this band has something to say and you are going to listen. It’s only a matter of time until newer bands start to rip Echo Pilot off, and then we can all say we heard it first, before it was cool.”
102.9 The Buzz Rock Station
June 2022
“Echo Pilot has influences from varying genres, with punk, grunge, and hard rock shining through most prominently. Fans of bands like Green Day or Foo Fighters will feel right at home adding Echo Pilot to their listening rotation. “Long Time Coming” is sweeter and less fuzz heavy than the other tunes currently in the band’s oeuvre, but it balances out their catalog nicely. It’s remarkably uplifting, and it’s an ear worm that buries itself in your brain and lives there. This is a lot more pleasant than it sounds.”
“The young quartet have a distinct sound that combines modern alternative sounds with gritty rock n’ roll layered with doses of melodic elements that captures your attention immediately. Its grungy elements interspersed with the counterbalance of its catchy chorus lines and anthemic grooves fit perfectly within the alternative rock world that Echo Pilot’s sound belongs to.”