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Echo Pilot is a four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. The band consists of members Ryan Van Abeele (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Gabe Wateski (Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals), Wes Braga (Bass/Backing Vocals), and Greg Serrato (Drums/Backing Vocals). Forming in October of 2018, the vibrant sound of the band comes from an array of backgrounds and influences. The striking harmonies, colorful melodies, punctual guitars, and rhythmic drum grooves soar through the sonic air with mighty intention. Their eclectic, energetic, and chemistry-driven live show brings people to their feet, and represents the musicianship and expertise of the group. The band’s first single is out now! Following the single release, a debut full length album set to release soon. Echo Pilot has a diverse repertoire that will continue to draw fans in as they move forward.





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